Büyüteç / The Magnifer

4'56'', COLOR, 16:9, No Dialogue, animation

Synopsis: A sunny day in the park... The Magnifier, inexperienced and unaware of his nature, he does not foresee the fatal combination that he and his physical attributes incur with the shining sun: he burns everything that he approaches. His time in the park becomes intolerable for him, until he eventually learns to accept his own nature and starts to enjoy life.

Directed by Orkan Bayram

Written by Orkan Bayram, Yigit Kocagöz, Oguzhan Yurdalan

Animated by Mehtap Yücel

Cinematography, Editing and Original Score by Orkan Bayram


- 12th Shanghai Film Festival, Official Competition
- 4. Silk Road International Film Festival, National Competition

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1872865/