Oct 2020
“Brîndarim / I am Wounded” has been nominated for Silver Eye Award of the East Silver Market 2020 at Ji.hlava International Documentary Film festival.

Sep 2020
Orkan Bayram has been selected for the mentoring program of Filmnetzwerk Berlin initative of DFFB. The oscar nominated director/producer Talal Derki (Of Fathers and Sons, 2017) will be mentoring him in the development of his first feature length documentary project Nexweşxane – Hospital (2021).


Following the life of two teenage brothers in a Kurdish city of Northern Iraq, the documentary film “Brîndarim” depicts the routine of these boys forced to become men in a wounded society.

Brindarim – I am Wounded (2020) TRAILER from Rro Berlin on Vimeo.


Documentary Short

28′ Digital, Color, 2020, Germany/Latvia

Directed by: Orkan Bayram
Cinematography&Editing by Igor Tsvetkov

A co-production between Orkan Bayram Filmproduktion (de) and rrO (lv).

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A documentary portrait of a revolutionary personality. Muharrem transformed himself in 70’s from a theater performer in exile to a revolutionary subject dedicated his life to his people.

Status: Advanced Development (Financing)

Written and Directed by: Orkan Bayram





Director, documentary

An experimental short-documentary filmed in Rojava, about the struggle against drought and the haunting memories of a war.

Wan Newroz

Director, documentary

An experimental documentation of a political delegation travel to the city of Wan in Spring 2017.


Director, fiction

Two referees take a hitchhiking old man on the way to their next football game. The sun burns, swearwords flow and the drama unfolds.


Director, fiction

The journey of a man, a sheep and a lamb. Beginning with a dream then committing a crime, the constrained shepherd travels to the city.

the magnifier

Director, animation

A sunny day in the park. The Magnifier, inexperienced and unaware of his nature, he does not foresee the fatal combination that he and his physical attributes incur with the shining sun: he burns everything that he approaches. His time in the park becomes intolerable for him, until he eventually learns to accept his own nature and starts to enjoy life.

Liberation in 26 Pictures

Producer: Orkan Bayram

Directed by: Ivan Ramljak , Marko Škobalj

We follow the boring and sad everyday routine of an old ex-partisan who lives alone in his derelict apartment.
His only notable activity is watching through his window with WW2 binoculars.
One day he notices something that motivates him to act and embark on his last guerrilla action.

The Slope

Producer: Orkan Bayram

Directed by: Mehmet Can Mertoğlu

A sharp look at humankind’s marathon of life from the perspective of a suburban hospital’s janitor.


Orkan Bayram Filmproduktion is a Berlin based production company specialized in cinematic documentary films. We have a great deal of experience shooting in Middle-East and very much interested in character driven, politically aware and demanding stories.

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